Ładowarka kołowa PK30

Front loader PK-30 is the up-to-date heavy machine designed to perform the earth-moving operations in the various branches: loading and developing of the diverse materials (different types of grounds and rocks, coal, sand, crushed stone, metal chips, wood chips, stones, etc). Besides, the loader is able to develop separately the grounds (to fill the earth embankments, earth mounds) as well as to be operated in the dozer mode: to level the areas and to dig out the shallow trenches. The front loader specified by considerably lesser dimensions and weight against the excavators is able to lift much greater lading weight: its maneuvering doesn't require large areas. Exactly these qualities set the operation range of PK-30 as being one of the basic models of the construction and road-building machinery.

The high maneuverability of the front loader PK-30 is achieved due to the articulated frame consisting of two parts connected to the vertical axle with the help of the hinge. The locking and turning of the frames relative to one another is performed with the help of two hydraulic cylinders controlled with the steering system of tracking type ensuring the relative turning of the frames to the angle proportional to the angle of the steering wheel turning angle. The rear frame is designed for the mounting of the power plant, transmission, rear axle and operator cab; the front frame is designed for the fastening of the working equipment with the control hydraulic system and of the front axle.

The loader is equipped with the reliable pneumatic wheels specially designed for this type of the machinery. These wheels ensure the tractive force required for the efficient operation and simultaneously function as the shock absorbers.

When designing the loader much consideration was given to the maintenance ease including the diagnostic tests as well as to the operator comfort.

The loader design is a combination of the reliable units of high productivity as well as of the safety and comfort operation. The adjustable steering column is of FORSHEDA POLIPAC production (Italy). The control lever is multi-purpose one. The diesel engine D-245 is widely applied in Russia. The transmission and the axles are of ZF Zahnrad Fabric production (Germany). The access to the engine and to the cooler is easy. The cab heating system is specified by high performance. The noise level at the working seat doesn't exceed 78. The hydraulic system units of the mounted equipment are designed with the proportional control produced by DANFOSS company. The automated kinematical bucket return is performed from the unload position to the ground load position. The headlights are of COBO production (Italy).

Ładowarka kołowa PK-30

Ładowarka kołowa PK-30

Ładowarka kołowa PK-30 - kabina

Ładowarka kołowa PK-30 - kabina

Operator working seat

Control devices. The steering column is designed with the testing equipment of the loader units and lighting devices.

The working units control is performed with a single eight-positioned lever (joystick). The controlling is servohydraulic proportional one. The working unit travel speed depends on the lever inclination angle.

Seat PILOT. The up-to-date seat PILOT provides with comfort, high vibration insulation, decreases fatigability and gives the sense of confidence. The seat meets the requirements of the European standards.

Steering column FORSHEDA POLIPAC. It comprises body, hydraulic steering, integrated device panel, switches and gages. The gearbox control handle is set at the left side, and the understeering switch is set at the right side. The steering column is adjusted along its inclination for its usability purposes. 

Comfortable and up-to-date cab

Fan. Two-mode combined extract-and-input fan with adjustable distribution of airflow ensures the required operator comfort.

Hood gas stops and cooler enclosures. The side hood flaps easily open and are safely fixed in the open position due to the gas stops appliance.

Door gas stops. The cab doors are designed with the gas stops set in the way to ensure smooth opening and fixing of the doors when opening them.

The loader cab is an all-metal structure equipped with the protection system ROPS-FOPS. It is mounted on the shock absorbers, thus providing with decreasing of the noise and vibration level. The right-hand door is with the drop window. The excessive air pressure created in the cab prevents from dust and moisture getting-in. The cab is equipped with a heater, combined extract and input fan and audio system. 

Transmission and undercarriage

Transmission ZF 4WG-130 is specified by 4 forward gears and 3 reverse gears; it is designed with the electric hydraulic gear shifting.

The upper cardan shaft is designed to transmit torque from the power take-off reduction gear to the transmission.

The lower cardan shafts are designed to transmit torque from the transmission to the front and rear driving axles.

The interchangeable driving axles ZF MT-L3065 (Germany) transmit torque from the cardan drive to the wheels. The front axle is a rigid support of the loading equipment.

The starting preheater of the diesel engine PZhD-12B is designed with a heat controller's timing unit and with an automatic control unit.

The axial piston hydraulic pump ensure the operation of the mounted equipment hydraulic system. 

Ładowarka kołowa PK-30 - Wymiary
Model D-245.2S2, EURO-2
Manufacturer Minsk Engine Plant
Type In-line
Number of cylinders 4
Operating power [kWt/hp] 90 (122)
Crankshaft speed [rpm] rated 2200
Torque, max [Nm] at 1600 [rpm] 501
Engine working capacity [l] 4,75
Air cleaner combined
Mains voltage [V] 24
Generator [kWt] 1
Hydraulic mechanical driven from both axles
Front axle suspension Rigid
Rear axle suspension Articulated, pumping ± 12°
Pump drive reduction gear three-flow with damper clutch
Hinge height, max [mm] 3730
Bucket lift angle at maximum height [°] 58°
Unloading height at 45°, not less [mm] 2850
Bucket radius at unloading under 45° [mm] 1040
Bucket lift angle when transporting [°] 52°
Deepening depth, max [mm] 90
Clearance [mm] 400
Wheel base [mm] 2750
Full length [mm] 7050
Height with cab [mm] 3200
Bucket width [mm] 2650
Turning radius: with bucket [mm] 5600
Semi-frame folding angle [°] ±37°
Gauge [mm] 1900
Bucket capacity, rated [m3] 1,6
Breakout force [kgf] 8400
Tilting load at longitudinal position [0°] 7900
Tilting load at semi-frame folding [40°] 7100
Operating weight [kg] 10700