Ładowarka kołowa PK46

The front-end wheel loader PK-46 is the up-to-date efficient machine designed to perform the excavation works, loading and developing the dissimilar materials: the various types of grounds and rocks‚ coal, sand, crushed stones, metal and wood chips, stones, etc as well as the agricultural products. Besides, the loader is able to process the grounds independently (fill the earth banks, barrages), to work in the bulldozer mode of operation: to level the grounds and to dig out the shallow trenches. The front-end loader is much less in its external dimensions and weight than the earth-moving machines and is able to lift a lot more lading weight. It does not require the large area for the maneuvering. Exactly these features specified the PK-46 application field. That is one of the basic construction and highway machines.

The high mobility of the front-end loader PK-46 is achieved due to the articulated frame consisting of two parts connected to the vertical axle with a joint. The lock and the swivel of the frames relative to each other is performed with the help of two hydraulic cylinders controlled by the steering system of tracking type ensuring the frames relative turn to the angle proportional to the steering wheel turn angle. The rear frame is designed to mount the power plant, transmission, rear axle and operator cab; the front one - to fasten the working equipment to the hydraulic actuation system and front axle.

The specially designed reliable tires are installed on the loader. They not only ensure the tractive effort sufficient for the effective operation but are able to function as the shock absorbers.

When designing the loader much attention was given to the ease of maintenance including the diagnostic assistance plus the operator comfort.

The loader design is the combination of the reliable units of high-level productivity, security and comfort. The following features specify our loader: adjustable steering column produced by the Italian company "FORSHEDA POLIPAC", versatile control level, diesel engine JAMZ-236 widely used throughout Russia, transmission manufactured by the company ZF Zahnrad Fabric (Germany), easy access to the engine and to the cooler, high-performance cab heating system (minus 35 đí outside, plus 25 đí inside). The noise level in the cab during the operation does not exceed 78. The attached implements' hydraulic system units with the proportional control by the company "DANFOSS" are applied. The kinematic bucket return from the unloading position to the ground loading position is automatic. The front headlights "COBO" (Italy) are used.

Ładowarka kołowa PK-46

Ładowarka kołowa PK-46

Ładowarka kołowa PK-46 - kabina

Ładowarka kołowa PK-46 - kabina

Operator work place

Control Devices The control-and-measurement devices of the loader units and of the lighting controls are located on the steering column.

The Driven Elements ControllingThe Driven Elements Controlling is performed with the help of a single eight-position handle (joystick). The control is proportional servohydraulic. The driven elements displacement speed depends on the handle inclination angle.

Seat "PILOT" The up-to-date seat "PILOT" ensures comfort operation and excellent vibration insulation as well as decreases the operator fatigability and offers the sense of reliance. The seat meets the requirements of the European standards.

Steering Column "FORSHEDA POLIPAC" It comprises a cage, hydraulic steering wheel, integrated device panel, switches and indicators. The gearbox control lever is located at the left; the under-steering wheel switch is at the right. To ease the operation performance, the steering column can be adjusted according to its inclination angle. 

Comfortable and up-to-date cab

Fan The two-mode combined extract and input fan with the adjustable air distribution provides the required comfortable conditions for work.

Gas Stops of Hood and Cooler Enclosure The side doors of a hood are easily opened and reliably fixed in the open position due to the gas stops.

Gas Stops of DoorGas Stops of Door The cab doors are equipped with the gas stops installed in the way to provide smooth door pull and lock when they open.

Loader Cab It is all-metal structure with the safety system ROPS-FOPS. It is installed on the shock absorbers: this facilitates noise and vibration level decreasing. The right-hand door is designed with the drop window. The excessive air pressure pressurized in a cab prevents from the dust and moisture penetration. The cab is equipped with a heater and a combined extract-and-input fan. 

Transmission and undercarriage

Transmission ZF 4WG-160 is designed with four front and three rear gears and with the electric hydraulic speed control.

Upper Cardan Shaft is designed for torque transfer from the power take-off reduction gear to the transmission.

Lower Cardan Shafts are designed for torque transfer from the transmission to the front and rear driving axles.

Interchangeable Driving Axles transfer the torque from the cardan gear to the wheels. The front axle is a loading equipment rigid support.

đčđľđö-30 Starting Preheater of Engine is a high-performance liquid diesel heater.

Axial-Piston Hydraulic Pump ensures operation of the attached implement hydraulic system. 

Ładowarka kołowa PK-46 - Wymiary
Model JAMZ-236đť2-4
Manufacturer OJSC Avtodiesel
Type V-shaped
Number of cylinders 6
Operating power [kWt/hp] 132(180)
Crankshaft nominal speed [rpm] 2100
Torque, max, [Nm] at 1250...1450 [rpm] 667
Displacement [l] 11,15
Air cleaner first stage is cyclone, second stage - paper filter cartridge
Mains voltage [V] 24
Generator [kWt] 1,12
Hydraulic mechanical model ZF 4WG-160
Manufacturer Germany
Axle ratio 20,38
Pumps drive reducer three-flow with damping clutch
Hinge height, max [mm] 3995
Angle of bucket throwing-back at maximum height [°] 58°
Unloading height at 45°, not less [mm] 2900
Bucket overhang when unloading at 45° [mm] 1100
Angle of bucket throwing-back when transporting [°] 52°
Deepening depth, max [mm] 100
Clearance [mm] 350
Wheel base [mm] 3000
Overall length [mm] 7730
Height with cab [mm] 3465
Bucket width [mm] 2650
Turning radius: with bucket [mm] 6000
Angle of semi-frame folding [°] 40°
Track [mm] 1950
Bucket capacity, rated [m3] 2,4
Breakout force [kgf] 12000
Tilting load at longitudinal position [0°] 12000
Tilting load at semi-frame folding [40°] 10000
Operating weight [kg] 13500